BMW S54B32

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H-Beam Connecting Rods

H-Beam design rods are very popular due to their good strength and affordable price. BW has been developing and manufacturing H-Beam rods for over 20 years, supplying the global racing and performance market. In order to meet the requirements from a variety of clients, Bridgeway has continuously improved the detailed design of its H-Beam rod, applying the most advanced machining technologies to meet the high end design specifics.

– Featured with ARP2000 fasteners.
– Upgrade to ARP L19 fasteners at an additional cost
– Upgrade to ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners at an additional cost

6-BR-110-003/8"×1.6"139.00 mm53.000 mm20.00 mm22 mm563 g


BMW – 3 Series 2000-2006(E46) M3

BMW – Z3 2000-2002(E36/E37) M Roadster

BMW – Z3 2000-2002(E36/E38) M Coupe

BMW – Z4 2006-2008(E85) M Roadster

BMW – Z4 2006-2008(E86) M Coupe