Champion Finish (CF)

The Champion Finish (CF) process is our newest surface treatment process, developed entirely in-house. R&D for CF spanned across three years, and after overcoming a variety of challenges, CF officially launched at the beginning of 2023, providing a competitive choice for those who are keen on pushing limits.

Champion Finish offers the following:

– Purely physical processing – no use of any chemical reagents.

– Excellent visual effect.

– Applicable to all BW crankshafts & connecting rods

– Surface of processed products are smooth as a mirror, reducing resistance during operation.

– Raises the rate of reaction of the crankshaft in the nitriding process, thus producing a harder surface than ordinary products and consequently improving the fatigue strength of the crankshaft.

– Provides improved corrosion resistance & rust prevention.

– Roughness < Ra0.8.

– Glossiness > 450GU.

The entire CF process is independently completed by Bridgeway. The process is divided into two parts, totaling six steps – Its uniqueness outstanding from other surface treatment processes on the market.

For those with even greater demands, additional investment will bring even greater returns.