Turning process is such heavy-duty job, the Dual-Turret OKUMA CNC lathe is the major machine for that. Compared to normal turning CNC, the lower-turret provides increased throughput and process balance. A custom-made drive chuck and hydraulic tailstock allow for greater flexibility and efficiency. Steady rest, high-rigidity base, and heavy-duty boxing guide rail…  all functions ensure stability for accurate processing. 

The 3D modeling/programming are supported by UGI.


Grinding is the core of manufacturing crankshafts. While modern CNC machines are now well-established in OEM markets, the racing industry still presents the challenge of meeting ultra-precision and very small batches at once.

Consistent journal size is crucial, as it will make the engine builders’ life much easier. Crankpin journal grinding presents additional difficulty compared to main journal grinding due to the offset.