BMW M30B28/B30/B32/B35

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H-Beam Connecting Rods

H-Beam design rods are very popular due to their good strength and affordable price. BW has been developing and manufacturing H-Beam rods for over 20 years, supplying the global racing and performance market. In order to meet the requirements from a variety of clients, Bridgeway has continuously improved the detailed design of its H-Beam rod, applying the most advanced machining technologies to meet the high end design specifics.

– Featured with ARP2000 fasteners.
– Upgrade to ARP L19 fasteners at an additional cost
– Upgrade to ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners at an additional cost

4-BR-106-00-63/8"×1.6"135.00 mm52.000 mm24.00 mm22 mm544.5 g

Billet Crankshaft

Billet crankshaft is the manufacturing method to fulfill specific application. BW has been developing and manufacturing billet crankshafts over 20 years. From material selections to final products delivery, BW take every step professionally. 

  • state-of -the-art design job for individual application
  • complex in-house heat treatment process, including core harden, stress relief and nitriding
  • precision machining process by advanced technologies
  • Zeiss CMM(Contura G2) for dimension inspection
  • 3M advanced technology abrasive for micro-polishing journals
  • Small batch delivery

– Standard in premium AISI4340
– Upgrade to EN40B at an additional cost
– Upgrade centerline gundrill hole for super light weight at an additional cost.

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Part#StrokeMain JournalThrust WidthCrank PinWeight
BS-117A-9595.00 mm60.000 mm30.00 mm48.000 mm25.7 kg


BMW – 5 Series 1978-1981(E12) 528i

BMW – 5 Series 1988-1990(E34) 530i

BMW – 5 Series 1987-1992(E34) 535i

BMW – 6 Series 1979-1987(E24) 628CSi

BMW – 6 Series 1976-1979(E24) 630CS

BMW – 6 Series 1988-1989(E24) 635CSi

BMW – 7 Series 1979-1986(E23) 728i

BMW – 7 Series 1986-1995(E32) 730i

BMW – 7 Series 1986-1992(E32) 735i