BMW M60B40/M62B44

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epR H-Beam Connecting Rods

EPR Series are BW flagship series. 

In 2010, BW introduced the EPR flagship series. It’s a brand new designed H-Beam. Over the last decade, BW had made numerous developments and improvements. Now it features more advanced technologies with no additional cost. 

  • Enlarged mating surface
  • Ribbed pin mass
  • EP hole creates an arch structure to release stresses and handle more loading. 

– Featured with ARP2000 fasteners.
– Upgrade to ARP L19 fasteners at an additional cost
– Upgrade to ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners at an additional cost

8-EPR-152-003/8"×1.6"143.00 mm52.000 mm21.00 mm22 mm530 g


BMW – 5 Series 1993-1995(E34) 540i

BMW – 5 Series 1996-1998(E39) 540i

BMW – 7 Series 1992-1994(E32) 740i

BMW – 7 Series 1994-1998(E38) 740i

BMW – 8 Series 1992-1999(E31) 840i