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RH-Beam Connecting Rods

RH-Beam stands for reinforced H-beam. H-beam design is very popular due to the good strength and affordable price. The RH-beam is a stronger design based on H-beam from BW engineers. It’s designed for the enthusiasts who preferred H-beam rather than an I-beam without any compromise on performance. It suits for high horsepower and torque. The reinforced straight H-section, stronger structure, and enlarged mating surface make it capable of extreme loading.

– Featured with ARP2000 fasteners.
– Upgrade to ARP L19 fasteners at an additional cost
– Upgrade to ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners at an additional cost

4-BR-215-033/8"×1.6"148.20 mm53.600 mm23.88 mm22 mm679.2 g


BMW – 1 Series 2019-present(F40) M135i xDrive

BMW – 1 Series 2020-present(F40) 128ti

BMW – 1 Series 2016-2019(F20) 120i 

BMW – 2 Series 2016-2019(F22/F23) 220i

BMW – 2 Series 2016-present(F22/F23) 230i

BMW – 2 Series 2019-present(F44) M235i xDrive Gran Coupe

BMW – 2 Series 2020-present(F44) 220i Gran Coupe

BMW – 2 Series 2021-present(G42) 220i

BMW – 2 Series 2022-present(G42) 230i

BMW – 3 Series 2015-2019(F30/F31/F34) 320i

BMW – 3 Series 2015-2018(F30/F31/F34) 330i

BMW – 3 Series 2019-present(G20) 320i

BMW – 3 Series 2019-present(G20/G21) 330i

BMW – 4 Series 2016-2019(F33/F36) 420i

BMW – 4 Series 2016-2020(F32/F33/F36) 430i

BMW – 4 Series 2020-present(G22) 420i

BMW – 4 Series 2020-present(G22) 430i

BMW – 5 Series 2020-present(G30/G31) 520i

BMW – 5 Series 2020-present(G30/G31) 530i



BMW – 6 Series 2020-present(G32) 630i

BMW – 7 Series 2016-present(G11) 730i/730Li

BMW – Z4 2018-present(G29) sDrive20i

BMW – Z4 2019-present(G29) sDrive30i

BMW – X2 2019-present(F39) M35i xDrive

BMW – X3 2018-present(G01) xDrive20i

BMW – X3 2018-present(G05) xDrive30i

BMW – X4 2018-present(G02) xDrive20i

BMW – X4 2018-present(G02) xDrive30i

Toyota – Supra 2.0 2019-present (J29/DB22)

MINI – Cooper S 2013-2022(F55)

MINI – Cooper S JCW 2013-2022(F55)

MINI – Copper S 2013-2022(F56)

MINI – Cooper S 2014-2022(F57)

MINI – JCW Hardtop and JCW Cabrio 2014-present(F56)

MINI – Clubman JCW 2019-present(F54)

MINI – Countryman JCW 2019-present(F60)

MINI – JCW GP 2020-present(F56)