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BW19 First Race!


On July 15th, BW19 showed up at BTCC (Bohai Bay Super Cup) event, and performed its first race. It’s a milestone for the BW motorsports team. Even though, it’s the first time for us to enter a race as a factory team, our team and race car were calm under pressure and made a good performance. We finished the race as the second in group and second over all. Lack of race experience costed us few minor problem over the weekend, but our engineers and technicians provided all the technical solution on time to ensure the best performance of BW19. 

Our driver, Jack Li got the second place during the first qualifier. After commutating with our engineers, we did some adjustments to make BW19 more suitable for Jack’s driving style. The second round qualifier, we got the pole position. A quote from Jack “BW19’s performance and durability are exceeded my expectation. I’m very confident driving it. I don’t think I have pushed it to its limit, so I’m looking forward to work with BW motorsports team again.”

BW19 is a race car that developed by BW motorsports team from ground up. This project lasts five years, and we finally see it on the race track. We are glad we made this far,  but it’s only the beginning for us. BW19 is built according to the FIA regulations, it’s fully ready to join any races. Now its performance has been proven, we are going to bring more BW19 to the market.